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SHBECON 2017 Full Set (Audio CD)


Product Description

Get the full set of downloadable mp3 recordings from SHBECON 2017. Steve Demme and Lisa McManus plenary sessions, Workshops A-E and the recorded Teen Sessions.

All recordings are in mp3 format on a USB wristband and shipped when available.

Plenary Sessions

The Family That Stays Together, Stays Together – Steve Demme
Understanding One Another and Building Each Other Up – Steve Demme
Homeschooling – The Evolution of a Movement – Lisa McManus


Workshop A

How to Get Started Having Regular Family Worship ✝️ – Steve Demme
Saskatchewan Regulations: What Do I Need to Know? 🌎- Anne Bennett
The Hidden Genius ✝️ 🌎 – Sylvia Funk

Workshop B

Who’s the Boss? Educational Governance & Administration + SHBE Q&A 🌎 – Rod Amberson & SHBE
Math You Understand 🌎 – Steve Demme
Using Technology to Homeschool for Free 🌎 – Charity Mile & Twyla McDougall

Workshop C

Five Strategies to Build Up and Encourage Our Wives ✝️ – Steve Demme
Digging up the Dinosaurs ✝️ – Vance Nelson
Homeschooling with Preschoolers? ✝️ 🌎 – Rebecca Kennedy
Moms Panel – Q&A with Homeschooling Moms – Karissa Bailey, Ashley Symons, Twyla McDougall & Amy Johnson

Workshop D

Celebrating Hope and Redemption in the Valleys of Life ✝️ 🌎 – Steve Demme
Balance In Family Life ✝️ 🌎 – Jenn Dean
Post Secondary Outside the Box – Lavonne Derksen & Jo Amberson
Dads Panel – Q&A with Homeschooling Dads – Michael Keffer, Rob Johnson, Gerald Fortier & Lonnie MacKenzie

Workshop E

The Divine Blueprint for Building a Family of Faith ✝️ – Steve Demme
The Unschooling Journey 🌎 – Charmaine Panko
Fit and Homeschooling – Is it Possible? 🌎 – Karen MacKenzie
Freedom 55 ✝️ – Michelle Kauenhofen


The Bible, Science and the Age of the Earth ✝️ – Vance Nelson
What Makes You Happy? 🌎 – Jenn Dean
Dollars and Sense 🌎 – Evan Poppleton


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